Avoid Risks of Data Automation with Third-Party Service Providers

November 4, 2015
Christal White

Companies of all sizes participate in the handling of large amounts of business-critical and sensitive information on a daily basis. Unfortunately many also lack the technology, standardised processes and trained personnel to handle the document flow in the most efficient and safe manner. Document...

Does Your BPO Provider Fit the Necessary Criteria?

November 3, 2015
Christal White

Once a company concludes it no longer wants to deal with the physical limitations and costs associated with using paper, it needs to begin the task of digitising its existing systems and business processes. That transition can be difficult and getting employees — whose primary focus is not on...

Don’t Just Outsource the Burden — Optimise the Process

September 9, 2011

Not all business process outsourcing (BPO) providers are alike. The majority of outsourcing firms are made up of traditional providers that will “handle your mess for less” by duplicating an already inefficient process at lower, offshore rates. BancTec’s offers something different, and...

For Insurance Companies, Going Paperless Has Immediate Benefits

July 3, 2014
Nick Loy

The insurance industry is one of the most paper-intensive industries out there. Applications, proposals, underwriting, administration and change forms, reimbursement forms, claim forms, annuity forms, life insurance forms, health insurance forms, auto insurance forms, disability forms, supplemental...

How to Protect Medical Records and Healthcare Claims

February 7, 2013

The security of medical records  is a sensitive issue recognised by industry leaders in healthcare. The most effective claims processing is accomplished with automation technology that offers advanced pre-adjudication services. These services take care of everything that happens before the payment...

Banking Trends for 2015: Mobile Payments, Security, Consolidation

January 27, 2015
Michael Alfonsi

Looking at the year ahead, experts predict that banking industry leaders will build on technological advancements to develop capabilities that contextualise the massive troves of transaction data that institutions have from consumers. In the first part of this short series, we discussed the...

Digital Banking Trends May Create Opportunities for Financial BPO

October 14, 2014
Michael Alfonsi

As the technology changes, people have less need for brick-and-mortar bank branches. Customers can deposit cheques, transfer money, pay bills, find ATM locations, check their balances and more, either entirely on their personal computers or mobile devices. While research indicates a large...

Outsourcing Goes Beyond the Traditional Mailroom

June 1, 2012

Information that can make customer service faster and more efficient is contained in a variety of documents companies receive by mail — warranty cards, product registration cards and new enrollment applications. But that information is only useful after the data is visible. That visibility can come...

Transaction Process Solutions for Peak Travel Season

April 8, 2015
Michael Alfonsi

E-commerce has become so integral to booking air travel that it’s easy for passengers to forget that real people are working behind the scenes to facilitate these transactions. Even at the airport, the first human interaction a customer encounters is likely with a government employee, not an...

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