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  • We look forward to continuing our relationship with SourceHOV for years to come. The contingency, success fee-based engagement has provided an extremely positive, financial bottom-line return, while requiring minimal staff time on our part…

    Academic Health System, Midwest
  • Our long term relationship shows how well this works for all of us. Your time and effort shows in your daily work as well as your effort in wanting to do the work. You and your team never give up and you’re always willing to take on more.

    Mavis L. Gilman
    Director, Healthnet PDM and Capitation
  • A long partnership with Lexicode has been a significant and key contributor to our success. The relationship established between our HIM Department and Lexicode has carried us through vacancies, regulatory changes, and volume increases. The staff at Lexicode are trusted partners.

    Carol McDonald
    VP, Patient Financial Services at Albany Medical Center, Albany, NY
  • SourceHOV's accounts payable automation solution has enabled our center-based employees to focus more on value-added responsibilities, and ultimately, improving patient care.

    Kurt Ohlenbusch
    AVP, Disbursements, Concentra
  • SourceHOV understood the sensitive nature of our sacramental records and was able to devise a turnkey solution that would preserve them forever. In addition, we have much better access to our records whenever we need to search them. We appreciate their efforts on our behalf.

    Ron Walker
    Chancellor, Catholic Diocese of Austin

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Financial Transaction Services - Brinker International

Brinker International Utilizes Financial Transaction Services

As a result of its expansion, Brinker International, a recognized leader in the casual dining industry, was faced with high labor costs associated with handling over 200,000 paper invoices per month from over 1,600 restaurant locations nationwide.


Hospitality - BancTec - Montage

Montage Hotels & Resorts Automates AP Process

Montage Hotels & Resorts was working under a classic, decentralized accounts payable structure in which each property processed their payables on-site. There was one AP clerk at each hotel, each received invoices at individual locations, and manually keyed in the information from the invoices. It was clear that Montage needed an integrated, centralized AP process in order to increase efficiency.

Hospitality - Large Hotel Chain

Large Hotel Chain Migrates Paper Invoices & Payments to Electronic Format

A large hotel chain, burdened by the number of paper invoices along with rising postage costs, needed to find an electronic solution – and quick! To increase efficiency, reduce DSO and processing costs, they decided to adopt an electronic format for their invoices.

Document Management - Austin Catholic Diocese

Austin Catholic Diocese Utilizes Document Management Services to Preserve Precious Memories

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Austin includes 125 parishes or faith communities in 25 counties in Central Texas, US. Nearly 115,000 Catholic families live in this diocese. After Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, the Most Reverend Gregory Aymond, then bishop of Austin, implemented a records project to preserve the sacramental documents for each parish. This activity would protect against the decay of paper records over time, including any accidental destruction resulting from a disaster.

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Public Sector - Alabama Department of Revenue

Alabama Department of Revenue Saves $2.6 Million Annually

The Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) collects over $9.2 billion annually. However, it was bogged down by tedious and inefficient manual paper processes. To add to this, staffing issues lead to a substantial backlog. The agency needed to do something quickly to prevent it from drowning in paperwork.

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Public Sector - Public Works and Government Services Canada

Document Management Services for Government Services Canada

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) was faced with declining business opportunities and staff reduction at its location in Matane, Quebec. In order to save jobs and build a new, stronger organization, PWGSC sought to transform its business model by offering shared services in the areas of document imaging, processing and long-term digital archiving.

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Public Sector - South Carolina Department of Revenue

South Carolina Department of Revenue Saves $1.5 Million Annually

The South Carolina Department of Revenue administers revenue processing of more than $9 billion annually, collecting 93.4% of the state’s general fund. The department was looking to overhaul existing manual paper processes. The current data entry platform was near end-of-life, and despite the amount of money coming in, they were downsizing the facility. The aging workforce necessitated seasonal staff support which resulted in a steep learning curve and staffing difficulties.

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Public Sector - State Courts

State Courts Save $1.2 M Annually

The District, Trial, Appellate, and Supreme Courts in this state handled more than seven million newly filed cases annually, but were hindered by the traditional legal record logistics and management processes. Retrieving case files efficiently was a nightmare due to storage limitations, access credentials, and a large employee turnover. To complicate matters, training and staff limitations were also an issue.

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Public Sector - US State Dept. Consular Affairs

US State Department, Consular Affairs VISA Case File Digitization Services

The US State Department Consular Affairs had an immediate requirement for the on-site digitization of historical VISA case files. The state had a mandate to move to a paperless process for VISA application intake and adjudication. Unfortunately, the agency lacked the staff, equipment, and processing capability to manage this task without a partner to help.

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Retail - BancTec - Supermarket Chain

National Supermarket Operations Overhaul

A Fortune 500 supermarket chain and manufacturer, with over 3,640 stores and facilities, processes more than $1M in payable invoices annually. Their existing operations relied on cumbersome manual processing of paper invoices, resulting in inefficiency and frequent errors that led to missed or duplicate payments.

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