Issues Related to Processing Inbound Transactional Content

February 24, 2015
Nick Loy

Inbound transactional content – any content from an inbound document that initiates a business transaction on the back end – takes many forms: invoices, application forms, insurance claims, purchase orders, change-of-address forms, even complaint letters. Each of these contains different pieces of...

Moving Toward Processing Inbound Transactional Content

March 3, 2015
Nick Loy

Organizations can cut costs by centralizing and automating the processing of inbound transactional content – any content of an inbound document that initiates a business transaction on the back end. Thefirst post in this short series discussed centralized versus distributed processing, re-use of...

BancTec to Present Best Practices at Payments Summit

September 24, 2013
Sue Barnhill

There are more best practices in paper bills than you think. Everyone knows there’s a cycle to generating, outbound mailing, receiving and processing a paper bill. The financial troubles since 2008 taught us all about time, working capital and DSO (the average number of days that a company takes to...

Security Solutions for Consumers, Retailers and Payment Processing

January 14, 2014
Michael Alfonsi

There is an exchange of trust every time a customer hands his or her credit card to a retailer. Recent cyber attacks on Target and Neiman Marcus have raised concerns about the overall security of the transaction system. Consumers and retailers can mitigate the risks by re-evaluating risky behavior...

Don’t Be Nickel and Dimed by Mobile Credit Card Processing

May 6, 2014
Michael Alfonsi

New mobile credit card apps allow organizations to process transactions online, through a tablet or smart phone. These popular apps are especially tempting for small businesses or sole proprietorships that see it as an easy way to accept plastic. The market is competitive with companies such as...

Why Apple Pay Won’t Bear Fruit as a Payment Processing Vehicle

September 11, 2014
Michael Alfonsi

Amid this week’s Apple announcement fanfare was the introduction of Apple Pay, an attempt to give consumers a safer way to make payments without a physical credit or debit card. While it’s unpopular to bet against Apple, this new offering won’t revolutionize the payment processing industry for one...

Paper Check Processing is Still Necessary for U.S. Businesses

January 6, 2015
Michael Alfonsi

Business owners who resolved to wean off paper check processing this year might bounce that resolution off their list, if only because paper check processing is still incredibly popular among U.S. businesses and vendors. According to a survey by the Association for Financial Professionals released...

New Credit Cards May Fall Short on Fraud Control

February 3, 2015
Michael Alfonsi

Credit card technology has evolved significantly from the days of carbon copy swiping machines. The credit card’s most recent facelift in the form of its magnetic strip, however, may itself be outdated. And it’s that magnetic strip that is fraught with problems, as criminals can skim information...

Complications in Medical Revenue Process Open the Door For Business Process Outsourcing

June 14, 2013
Vincent Vallejo

  From the outside, the average billing cycle for a medical appointment looks pretty simple: Go to the doctor, pay for the visit (with your own money or insurance), repeat as necessary. For healthcare providers, though, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is more like this:...

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