3 Lessons Learned from One of the Largest Security Breaches in History

September 19, 2017
Peter Bohjalian

In early September, it was revealed that a large credit reporting company was successfully hacked by an entity unnamed as of this writing. It’s considered now one of the largest breaches in memory because this particular company held delicate information – social security numbers, names, home...

Privacy in Printed Mailers: How to Avoid Expensive Mistakes & Communicate Effectively

September 13, 2017
Peter Bohjalian

Last month, it came to light that a major US insurer made an unfortunate error with one of their customer communications. A mail piece sent to over 10,000 members showed through a clear window on the envelope that a patient was taking a certain kind of medication, directly revealing the illness...

A Harsh Reminder from Hurricane Harvey: 3 Key Considerations for your Business Continuity Plan

September 6, 2017
Peter Bohjalian

Gartner research shows that 43 percent of enterprises that experience a substantial loss of business-related data, with no continuity plan on the books, never resume business operations again. Another 51 percent of those that do manage to re-open their doors after a major loss of data, close within...

3 Ways Leveraging a Tech-Based Partnership Streamlines Internal Processes to Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiency

August 28, 2017
Peter Bohjalian

Businesses must attain a balance between maximizing productivity, reducing risk, and fulfilling customer requirements. This balance is crucial because while every business has a specialty, few excel at every single aspect of running a successful enterprise – nor should they. An enterprise should...

5 Ways Leveraging a Single-Source Transaction Processing & Information Management Partner can Provide Optimal Service, Delivery & Savings

August 22, 2017
Peter Bohjalian

Partnering with specialized, external suppliers is a time-tested, highly effective way for enterprises to free up resources, enabling them to focus on core business objectives. In fact, 57% of executives interviewed for a recent Deloitte survey on the subject noted that exact reason as their...

A Company History of Exela Technologies: Bringing Together SourceHOV’s End-to-End Transaction Services With Novitex’s Information Management & Document Outsourcing Expertise

July 28, 2017
Peter Bohjalian

Earlier this month, it was announced that Exela Technologies, Inc. ("Exela Technologies" or "Exela"), formerly known as Quinpario Acquisition Corp. 2, had closed the previously announced business combination with SourceHOV Holdings, Inc. ("SourceHOV") and Novitex Holdings, Inc. ("Novitex") to...

Issues Related to Processing Inbound Transactional Content

February 24, 2015
Nick Loy

Inbound transactional content – any content from an inbound document that initiates a business transaction on the back end – takes many forms: invoices, application forms, insurance claims, purchase orders, change-of-address forms, even complaint letters. Each of these contains different pieces of...

Moving Toward Processing Inbound Transactional Content

March 3, 2015
Nick Loy

Organizations can cut costs by centralizing and automating the processing of inbound transactional content – any content of an inbound document that initiates a business transaction on the back end. Thefirst post in this short series discussed centralized versus distributed processing, re-use of...

BancTec to Present Best Practices at Payments Summit

September 24, 2013
Sue Barnhill

There are more best practices in paper bills than you think. Everyone knows there’s a cycle to generating, outbound mailing, receiving and processing a paper bill. The financial troubles since 2008 taught us all about time, working capital and DSO (the average number of days that a company takes to...

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