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This provider of integrated enterprise solutions has become even better – as a part of Exela Technologies

SourceHOV is a global Transaction Processing Services (TPS) and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) leader. SourceHOV provides services and solutions for high-volume, mission-critical organizations seeking to drive efficiency with their business processes. By leveraging specialized knowledge platforms powered by decades of expertise and customer-specific experience, we deliver innovative end-to-end solutions, incorporating data capture, aggregation, workflow, data analytics, and outcome resolutions. We offer highly scalable technology platforms, hosted on-premises and/or in a cloud environment, to a wide range of industries including financial services, healthcare, public sector, insurance, legal, and other commercial industries.

Now, SourceHOV has been combined with Novitex – a comprehensive, end-to-end document management company that provides the modern enterprise with all the solutions and services needed to intake documents, extract data, and direct the information to where it needs to flow – to create Exela Technologies.

As Exela, our mission is to leverage our industry-focused solutions and global workforce to give our clients a strategic advantage enabling them to launch new services faster and with peace of mind. By selecting Exela as a single source provider, our clients can focus on their business and count on us to bring continuous innovation, automation, and operational efficiency by looking at their business through a single lens.

What Makes Exela Different

Before the merger, SourceHOV and Novitex existed as powerful partners for their clients. With decades of experience, the two entities come together to form a tech-enabled powerhouse. Combining data-driven processes, proprietary technologies and human capital, Exela works to develop streamlined, end-to-end solutions that significantly reduce cycle times and improve the quality of its client’s business outputs., Exela can help execute a wide range of business processes, across multiple industries, that are essential to its clients’ most critical organizational workflows, and as a combined .company represents an even more powerful business process partner than SourceHOV or Novitex could be alone, Exela specializes not only in enterprise-level information management, but in transaction processing, exception, legal, and loss prevention, and other solutions needed to support the high-volume, mission-critical processes across the world's largest organizations.

It is our vision to drive lasting value and exceptional client experiences by accelerating businesses’ digital transformation through the integration of people, data-driven insights, and innovative technologies. As Exela, in addition to continued on-site support at 1,200 client facilities, we will use a global delivery model supported by 23,000+ employees to serve multi-national customers in over 50 countries. Our approximately 150 delivery centers are strategically located throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia – providing our clients a newly multi-national service delivery footprint.

Exela Technologies is positioned to provide the innovative solutions, business-critical information and transaction processing platforms that enable its clients to reduce operational issues, increase enterprise efficiency levels, and ultimately, allow them to focus more on serving customers and growing their business.

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