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  • We look forward to continuing our relationship with SourceHOV for years to come. The contingency, success fee-based engagement has provided an extremely positive, financial bottom-line return, while requiring minimal staff time on our part…

    Academic Health System, Midwest
  • Our long term relationship shows how well this works for all of us. Your time and effort shows in your daily work as well as your effort in wanting to do the work. You and your team never give up and you’re always willing to take on more.

    Mavis L. Gilman
    Director, Healthnet PDM and Capitation
  • A long partnership with Lexicode has been a significant and key contributor to our success. The relationship established between our HIM Department and Lexicode has carried us through vacancies, regulatory changes, and volume increases.

    Carol McDonald
    VP, Patient Financial Services at Albany Medical Center, Albany, NY
  • SourceHOV's accounts payable automation solution has enabled our center-based employees to focus more on value-added responsibilities, and ultimately, improving patient care.

    Kurt Ohlenbusch
    AVP, Disbursements, Concentra
  • SourceHOV understood the sensitive nature of our sacramental records and was able to devise a turnkey solution that would preserve them forever. In addition, we have much better access to our records whenever we need to search them.

    Ron Walker
    Chancellor, Catholic Diocese of Austin

Our Locations

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